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Tiffen Filters

Tiffen filters are manufactured using their award-winning ColorCore™ technology, a process that entails permanently laminating the filter material in between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to tolerances of a ten-thousandth of an inch, then mounting them in precision metal rings. This allows them to control the color and density of Tiffen filters, and the characteristics of special effects filters with much greater accuracy than typical dyed-in-the-mass filters, which usually exhibit color and density variations.

Introducing New Tiffen MPTV Integrated Filters

IR control plus your favorite effects come together! Tiffen has answered the call of cinematographers, and introduced new MPTV integrated filters featuring proprietary ColorCore technology. These break through filters combine Tiffen’s Emmy award-winning IR technology with some of their most popular effects filters to reduce multiple surfaces and potential reflections caused by stacked filters.


IRND + Polarizer

Removes reflections
Increases contrast and color saturation
Removes shine and hotspots of skin tone


IRND + Glimmerglass Polarizer

Removes reflections and increases color saturation
Removes shine and hotspots of skin tone
Adds mild glimmerglass glow and halation


We have some of these filters in stock for a limited time for evaluation. Take them out for a test drive!
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Screw In Filters

Up to 80mm, 60 Bay (Bayonet Mount)
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Larger Screw In Sizes

86C, 86M, 94C, 95C, 105C, 107C, 107mm, 125C, 127mm
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Larger Format Filters

2×2, 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, 4×4, 4×5, 4×5.650, 5×5, 5×6, 5.65×5.65, 6×4, 6×6, 6.6×6.6, Series 9, 4-1/2 inch, 138mm, 6 inch Round, Filter Wheel Filters
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