48″ PT Cable w/ 9.2v Regulator


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The Core SWX DSLR Powertap Regulator Cable for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 / DMC-GH3 is an XP series cable for your digital camera’s battery. The versatile XP series models may be used with a Switronix accessory or used alone with a PRO-X series lithium ion battery product. It features a regulated 9.2 VDC connector jack for the GH2 or GH3 camera, with an inline female P-Tap connector for 12 VDC, housed in an enclosure. The GH2 and GH3 require the Panasonic DMW-DCC8 and DMW-DCC12 adapters, respectively (not included). Red and green LED indicators alert you to the battery’s charging status.

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