85w Equiv. LED On-Camera Light L-Series Mount


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The Switronix GP-H56S DV/HDV On-Camera Light (12VDC) is a featherweight on-camera daylight-balanced LED light. Weighing in at only 0.6 lbs (0.27 kg), the GP-H56S draws only 16W (from any of the Sony L series of batteries, available separately), while producing the equivalent of 100W of daylight-balanced light. Frosted and CTO pop-in gels and a focusing lens to convert the beam from 115° to 45° are built in to the light.

Light is on a movable arm with 2 pivot points, for maximum flexibility. A dimmer control allows illumination from 10% to 100% to meet different scene requirements. Hot-shoe design for easily mounting or unmounting on the camera. Wide-range voltage design, can be powered by a DV battery or by the camera

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