Century Precision Optics 2x TeleConverter


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Fitted on the front of your zoom lens, the Century Precision Optics DS-20TC-SB 2x TeleConverter Lens instantly doubles your lens’ focal length, making it easy to capture far-away action close-up. The Digital Series is a family of high quality lenses available in a Bayonet Mount version for use on camcorders and palmcorders, like the Sony DCR-VX2000, DSR-PD150 and DSR-250.

With Century Precision Optics’ range of video lens accessories, you can capture a stunning panorama, zoom in on a postage stamp or reach across a stadium to get a close-up shot. Many shots that would have been impossible to execute, or required prohibitively expensive specialized lenses are now possible, using your own lenses. By choosing the right tool, you can alter the optical characteristics of your lenses to dramatically expand their range and usefulness and capture imaginative new perspectives. Century products are found on the world’s best optics, including Angenieux, Canon, Schneider, Fujinon and Zeiss.

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