Zacuto FS5 Grip Relocator for Sony FS5 Camera


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The FS5 Grip Relocator allows you to relocate the Sony handgrip from the side of the camera to your handgrip. The silver rosette adapter screws onto the Sony grip with 4 included screws. This adapter allows you to attach the handgrip adapter to the Sony handgrip via an M6 male screw. The handgrip fully articulates at a ball joint via the red quick release lever. It also comes with a black 4.5 inch rod and a Z-Mount Zwivel 2 to attach to any 15mm rod. The Zwivel 2 allows you to change the angle between the two 15mm rods at set points turning 365 degrees using a pin locking mechanism. The Zwivel 2 has two levers which control each 15mm hole. In order to change the angle of the rods, just loosen either of the levers and the internal spring separates the parts for you to adjust to the desired angle.


The FS5 Grip Relocator is specifically designed for the Sony FS5 and will not work on any other camera. To use the functions of the FS5 Grip you will need an additional LANC Extension cable.

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