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Lindsey Optics

138mm Brilliant Diopters

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Close-Up Lenses (Diopters) are used when you need to get really close-up image of small objects.  They are lightweight and quick to use with standard matte boxes and filter holders.  They are available in five strengths, +1/4 Diopter, 1/2 Diopter, +1 Diopter, +2 Diopter and +3 Diopter.  Use the +1/2 when you need to get just a tiny bit closer.  The +1 gets you close . . . the +3 gets you VERY close.

Lindsey Optics Brilliant Diopters are made from the finest optical glass. They feature our rock hard, multi-layer BROADBAND anti-reflective coating. This measurably reduces light loss and flare. Contrast, color saturation and image quality are preserved. 

For the very highest quality close-up and macro images, consider our Brilliant Macro lenses.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee covers any defective parts, or any incorrectly sent models or products. In the unlikely event that you experience any of the above mentioned scenarios, we'll cover the cost on any shipping required to get you all set with the proper gear!