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15mm Rod with 3/8" Internal Thread Adapter for Titan Arm - Pack of Two

SKU B3000.0001
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$36 USD / $49 CAD

The 15mm Rod Adapter for the Titan Arm is part of the quick release system for the Titan Arm. It acts as the receiver of the ¼” or 3/8” Quick Release Brackets to provide instant mounting of your accessories to the Titan Arm.

It features an internal 3/8” thread which can be used to connect other accessories like a Cardellini/Mafer clamp or junior pin to mount lights. The adapter uses standard 15mm measurements so it is also compatible with any other accessory or camera cage that has 15mm rod clamps, adding even more versatility to the Titan Arm. To connect the 15mm Rod Adapter, the ¼” or 3/8” external thread adapters need to be removed.

The 15mm Rod Adapter is available individually or in a set of two - B3000.0001

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