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2004 Series Fluid Head

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Series 2000 Fluid Heads with Balance Control Model 2004

Incorporates the will proven Ronford-Baker fluid system operated by a single fluid system control lever with four progressive positions both pan and tilt.


The tilt operation is backed up by a balance control system with an “off” position and seven progressive settings operated by a single control lever, giving an unprecedented smoothness and accuracy of control and balance under all situations.

Technical Specifications
Weight 14lb (6.5kg).
Operational temperature range
+150ºF to -40ºF (+60ºC to -40ºC).

  • Engineered for quality, strength and durability.
  • Quick release camera plate adjustable for balance with built in safety stops and scale.
  • Double pan bar facility.
  • Smooth positive braking on pan and tilt.
  • 150mm bowl fitting or Mitchell base.
  • Tilt 120º.
  • Fully guaranteed.
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