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Bright Tangerine

Follow Focus - Bright Tangerine 4D Speed Crank

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Bright Tangerine's 4D Speed Crank with Zero Backlash Coupling features an industry standard-sized expansion coupling that is designed to eliminate any play between the crank and your follow focus unit. The crank handle features up to 40° of articulation, allowing you to pivot the the arm away from the follow focus unit, and it is extendable by over 2". The crank is made from aluminum and stainless steel to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can attach the 4D Speed Crank to Bright Tangerine handwheels, such as Revolvr and Revolvr Atom, as well as any handwheel that has an industry-standard socket. In addition, you can attach the 4D Speed Crank directly to the Core Bridge for Revolvr and Revolvr Atom.

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