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4x4 Tobacco Grad 2 HE

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Schneider Optics Tobacco is a rich brown/orange color. As a solid color it gives an overall warming effect and can be used to create an old west period look. Tobacco graduated filters can be used to paint a sky with a mood, for example a foreboding before the storm feeling , or when used inverted they can enhance a landscape, warming cornfields or desert sand, without affecting the sky color.

This filter is available in strengths of 1, 2, and 3. These strengths achieve a subtle, moderate, or bold effect.

Schneider makes both soft-edge(SE) and hard-edge(HE) Graduated Color filters. Typically, soft-edge filters are used with wide to medium-angle lenses because these lenses have greater depth of field. Hard-edge filters are preferred for use with telephoto lenses or for bold transitions.

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