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Atlas 40 Fluid Head

SKU RF.53040
Regular price $15,666.00
Excellent Fluid Head for Alexa, RED Epics and Sony F55 …etc.


  • Tilt range + & – 90 degrees
  • Pan range 360 degrees continuous Pan bar mounts.
  • Two on ratchet discs
  • Lifting handles integrated
  • Head bases 150 m/m or Mitchell ( adaptor)
  • Stand off protection on both sides of the head.
  • Sand proof sealed.
  • Short plate has 7” / 18 cm movement. The Long plate has 13” / 33 cm movement.
  • Fluid system, 7 steps pan & tilt with zero positions at either end of the scale.
  • Counterbalance can also go into “Free” position.
  • Spirit level with Tritium light source.
  • Adjustable Eyepiece levelling bracket.
  • Smooth positive braking on pan & tilt.
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