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EVF Cheese Stick

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The EVF Cheese Stick is an accessory for the Zacuto EVF. It attaches to the EVF via two of the four accessory screw holes on the back of the unit. You can mount the Cheese Stick either on the top or bottom of the EVF in 3 different positions.

You can screw in a Zicro Mini to mount a Zamerican Arm using our Z-release technology. Mounting the Cheese Stick with the step facing out will prevent the Zicro Mini from spinning loose and un-threading - a common issue with standard mounting arms. The EVF Cheese Stick has five (5) ¼” 20 threaded holes aligned in a row. This enables you to get the right spacing for your set up and under sling the EVF in multiple positions giving you more reach for articulating arms. This is extremely useful when mounting the EVF from one of the ¼” 20 holes on the top of larger video cameras like the Sony F3 or Panasonic AF100.
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