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Follow Focus (reversable) Quick Lock

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The reversible, Snap-On Follow-Focus works with 15×60 support rod systems and is compact and precise without the unwanted play of competitively priced systems.

It has the option of reversing the rotational direction using helical bevel gears, which makes it ideal for use with some Nikon, Tamron and Tokina lenses whose focus barrels turn the opposite direction of traditional cinematography lenses. This type of gearing enables precise, no-play movement.

The position of the Follow-Focus in relation to the lens is adjustable and locks onto the rails with the red thumbscrew between the rail clamps. The side thumbscrew locks the Follow-Focus to the rails and allow for quick release and mounting. The control and gear box can be mounted to either side allowing for the focus-puller to work from either side of the camera.

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