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Gorilla Baseplate

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The Gorilla Baseplate for the Canon C100/300/500, Scarlet and Epic Cameras is a simpler, lighter version of the Zacuto Studio Baseplate. It attaches to the camera with 3/8” 16 and ¼” 20 screws. The Gorilla Baseplate features 15mm diameter, 60mm spaced threaded rod holes in the front of the base plate that allow users to mount a follow focus, lens support or other accessories in front of the camera. The Gorilla Baseplate is not compatible for matte box use unless you have a height adjustable matte box.

The Gorilla Baseplate also features the rod port system on the side of the plate which allows you to mount an EVF or other accessories from the side. The Gorilla Baseplate is great for building simple run’n’gun type set ups like the Target Shooter, and Recoil Lite V2. It can also be used for a simple tripod set-up. The Gorilla Baseplate does not come with rods. Rods can be purchased separately.
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