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Lightweight Shoulder Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1 (15mm)

SKU 401-EVA1
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The Lightweight Shoulder Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1 (15mm) from Chrosziel features a sliding shoulder pad, dual ARRI handgrip rosettes, a V-lock mounting plate, a tripod adapter plate, and an 8" pair of 15mm LWS support rods. Use this support to easily switch between handheld and tripod-mounted shots. The sliding pad enables you to adjust the balance of the camera on your shoulder based on the weight of your lens, and the position and weight of any accessories.

The included pair of 15mm LWS rods can be mounted to the front rod bracket, or to a separately available rear rod clamp. Handles or handgrips may be attached to the standard ARRI rosettes at the front of the support. An Allen key is included with this Lightweight Shoulder Support.

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