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Pro100 Skyline Kit 4x4 Filters

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This Tiffen Pro100 Skyline Filter Kit contains a Pro100 Series Camera Filter Holder and two anodized aluminum-alloy adapter rings for attaching to lenses with front filter thread diameters of 77mm or 82mm. A graduated sunset and a graduated twilight filter are provided as well, plus a filter pouch for storage and transport.

The graduated sunset filter can be used to add an orange and yellow tint to complement an existing sunrise or sunset within a scene, or to otherwise enhance a hazy or colorless sky. When used to enhance the sky within an image, the desired effect can be applied only to the sky, without any unwanted changes to any other part of the image.

The graduated twilight filter can be applied to simulate the effect of twilight within an image that would otherwise feature a hazy or colorless sky, or, it may be used to enhance existing colors while photographing during twilight while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image. This filter achieves its effect with a pink band of color above its center region, which extends in either direction before tapering to clear at one side and lavender at the other.

This kit's Tiffen Pro100 Series Camera Filter Pouch provides a secure and convenient transport and storage solution for any combination of up to four 4 x 4" rectangular filters or four 94mm circular filters. Filters placed within this pouch can be easily accessed by opening its hook-and-loop fastened lid which features a label window along the top. While inside, filters are kept separated among three partitions and are protected by a soft and nonabrasive polyester interior-lining, plus padding against the pouch's front and back. The pouch's exterior consists of ballistic nylon for water-resistance, and an integrated belt loop with a touch tab closure is located along the rear side.

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