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Tripod Adapter Plate

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Use the Zacuto Z-TAP Tripod Adapter Plate in tandem with the Zacuto QR Dovetail (sold separately). The Zacuto dovetail can be purchased individually or as an included accessory when you purchase a Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad. With the Tripod Adapter Plate, you can keep your Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad with Dovetail under your baseplate and quickly move back and forth to your tripod, monopod, slider etc.

Having several Tripod Adapter Plates on your various support equipment can make moving from handheld to tripod, dolly and to slider effortless. The Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate has a large platform for video camera setups with baseplates and accessories.

Once the dovetail is securely in place under your camera or baseplate it will snap right into the Tripod Adapter Plate and quickly lock into place. Release by pushing on the red button on the side while pulling the longer red lever at the rear of the plate. The underside of the Tripod Adapter Plate has three ¼”-20 screw holes, two 3/8”-16 screw holes, and a locator pin port to accommodate the wide variety of tripods, monopods, sliders, dollies etc.

This Tripod Adapter Plate is only compatible with Zacuto’s QR-Dovetail; although, the Zacuto QR Dovetail can work with your existing Kessler and Really Right Stuff tripod adapter base. If your tripod does not have back and forth balance adjustment, consider adding the Zacuto TAP Slide to achieve balance with the Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate.
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