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Z-Finder with Flip-Up Frame

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The Z-Finder with Flip-Up Frame for Sony FS7 Camcorder is a two-piece unit specifically designed to work with the FS7's LCD monitor. The flip-up frame clamps securely, creating a mounting platform for the optical Z-Finder assembly. You can pop the Z-Finder on and off the frame, or leave the finder attached to the frame and flip it up and out of the way without removing it from the frame, similar to how a traditional ENG viewfinder works.

The Z-Finder features an eye cup with a removable flap that will automatically cover the optics and protect your camera's LCD screen from damage from direct sunlight. It includes four drop-in diopters that have an anti-fog coating.

The Z-Finder can be easily removed from and put back into the frame. When inserted into the frame the viewfinder can flip up out of the way.
The four included diopters are 0, +1, +2, +3.
Optional diopters are available in powers of -1 and +4.
Each diopter receives an anti-fog coating that helps prevent fogging when moving from cold to hot areas.
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