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The Zacuto QR Handle attaches onto various cameras/rigs/accessories and provides a convenient way of shooting from low angles and of carrying a rig. It attaches by two included 1/4″ screws that screw in through the base of the Handle, the lower part. The screws can be spaced from .375 to 2.15 inches apart. Any camera/rig that supports such configuration can take on the Handle. Some compatible examples are RED’s Scarlet or Epic cameras and Zacuto’s Swiss Cage.

The Handle and its base are separable from each other at the flip of the red lever you see in the photo above. The Handle can be removed to clear the space it takes up, and the base can be left on whatever it’s attached to. When the two are together though, the Handle can be adjusted horizontally along the base to help balance the attached camera/rig.

A 7″ long rod runs through the Handle. Its diameter is standard-size 15mm and both of its ends are female-threaded and thus support the connection of optional male-threaded rods. They also support the optional connection of Zacuto’s T-Mount and Tri-Mount, via which mics, viewfinders and other accessories can be added to the QR Handle.

Multi-Purpose Top Handle:
Attaches by two 1/4″ screws onto Scarlet, Epic, Swiss Cage, etc.
Provides a convenient way to shoot from low angles and to carry a rig
Adjusts horizontally left / right along the base to balance the attached rig
Detaches from the base at the flip of a lever / the base can be left on the rig
A 7 inch long 15mm rod female-threaded at both ends runs through the Handle

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